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FSBO, "For Sale By Owner" is becoming more popular across the nation, especially as more and more resources are available to home owners that want to sell as FSBO. The internet is providing resources for those sellers with a broad array of information and services from MSL to free listings and marketing tools. Selling your home isn't rocket science.
Real estate agents will have you believe that selling your home is complicated. Not true.
With FSBO REALESTATE at your side, you can easily do it yourself.

List your fsbo property for free with a listing linked to a web page and all your details, and 6 photos. Additional photos are available, details on "List With Us" page.
Seller needs to notify FSBO-Realestate.com when they sell their property. Listings over 6 months will be deleted unless notified by seller to continue.
Free, yes totally free to you for a listing and one page website with all your details and 6 pictures. Additional web page or pictures are extra.

Price Your Home
Search listings and find comparable houses for sale nearby in your neighborhood and even around the state.

If your not sure, you can always contact a home appraiser expert for an in-depth evaluation and detailed price report. Just a phone call away.

List Your Home
FSBO REALESTATE will quickly and easily create a professional-quality listing on FSBO REALESTATE.COM.

You can check into the MLS. Prices may vary so investigate several options.

Market Your Home
FSBO REALESTATE will create a dynamic website listing, and you should share your listing on social media and create professional-quality brochures and flyers.

You will send us photos of your home, that we will post to the internet. And of course, you will want yard and directional signs to lead buyers to your home. All available at your local stores.

Show Your Home
Identify quick and inexpensive improvements that will increase home value, plus useful tips on staging your house. You can find helpful ideas to enhance curb appeal, as well.

You need to organize, advertise and host an open house. These are not hard, plan your open house schedule in advance and then create an event on facebook.

Sell Your Home
FSBO REALESTATE provides links you can read up on so you can negotiate like a pro. You’ll learn how to navigate the three phases of negotiating a sale: Preparation, Assessment and Responding.

We’ll provide links to resources and forms you need to close the sale, and offer you legal forms you may require.
We recommend you enlist a Title and Closing agency that can provide all your closing and escrow needs and forms.
Google is a wealth of information, any question, google is there with an answer.


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